In the name of Sublime: A So-called Dome and A Sudden Snow

Zhangzhe Peng

zhangzhe peng


The term of ‘sublime’ (comes from Latin sublimis) is described as “very great excellence or beauty / a person’s attitude or behaviour extreme or unparalleled”. Natures phenomenon always makes people feel speechless when they face those magnificent sceneries which are intangible and unreachable. Thus, a manmade natural phenomena (a snow) is reproduced in this project which is non-perpetual and not-real.

“The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God” (by Antoni Gaudí). It brings the dramatic feelings when you immerse in a curved looming space, in order to imagine that you are standing in a miniature crystal ball with twinkling slices. However, is the notion of sublime still there?

By using daily objects to create a ‘scenery’ like sea salt, soda ash and wood, I hope it can be in the name of Sublime to achieve the path towards transcendence. As Bryant McGrill says, “the path to transcendence is unrecognized by many because it appears ordinary.”

zhangzhe peng2