Grand Radio

Yoogle Liu

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Technology has fixed gaps of various relationships, like the distance difference gap, the time difference gap, the language difference gap. It creates different channels for people confronting these gaps communicating and interacting with their partners. However, one of the relationships cannot fit with smart phones as a tool to communicate. It is grandparents-grandchildren relationship. Particularly, age over 60 years and age under 10 years old are not in the social media tribe. The reasons are diverse, such as generation gap. The aim of the project is trying to find a better way or create a proper channel for them to interact.

The project is focus on family story telling. It is the most common interactions occurred between them. And in a long distance conversation, messages of story will be translated into more tangible objects and use care as a factor to engage people participating regularly.

In this project, it makes plant talk and give the object a narrative personality. It is like a radio channel with interactions and the plant you care about shares and stores all the memories for the kids and grandparents.

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