Ludic Learning through Museum Objects

Rafia Amin



This project looks at how children in the early years can get more involved in learning from artifacts at the Science Museum. Through research from this project it was observed that children in the early years lack context to a lot of interesting artifacts in Museums this project looks at how children can engage with these artifacts through ludic play. Ludic play looks at learning through role-play, “children’s pretend” games. It focuses on games, which aren’t goal oriented and are fanciful and imaginative. A series of workshops were designed which involve learning from an artifact at the science museum the Vostok 6.  A Russian spacecraft that went to the moon in 1963. The workshop involves children pretending to be astronauts going out into space. The workshop includes a series of objects, a space ship, parachutes, space food, astronaut helmet and the moon. The aim of the workshops is that the children play make belief pretend games using these objects and by doing so learn a little bit about conditions in space.