About Myth

Olivia Lyu



In post-digital culture, people always anxious because of works, houses, salary… my project is about design emerging rituals to deal with anxiety of new classes of people. I made four 3d-printed objects in order to communicate my idea.

‘Burger mask’ looks like a gas mask, it’s a new ritual for deliveroo riders that they can protect them from exhaust fumes when they touching it.

‘Rhinoceros horn Toyota’ is a new ritual for Uber drivers from East Africa, Rhinoceros horn symbolises wealth, so if they touch it they can get five stars and good comment so that keep jobs and earn more money.

‘door bell camera’ is a new ritual for Airbnb hosts who worry about guests throw party in rooms.

‘Bat Drone’ is a new ritual for Drone drivers who worry about their drone crash on the wall or other things when they fly indoor.