Look and Feel


Its not about what you see, its about how you feel when you see. We use our eyes to see the world as we know it but we can also use them to embrace the things we are afraid of. Maybe its time to close our eyes and see with what our hearts desire, explore the world and make it more exciting, amusing, and perhaps more humourous. Give yourself an opportunity to experiment a new experience of life and a chance to keep a smile on your face. We get judged by others all the time and the “OMG” looks we get are disturbing, lets get those eyes on the roll and change the way we look at each other and try to use your imagination. My project will take you back in time and remind you of how silly we can be and make you view the people around in a comic and enjoyable experience. It allows you to be interactive, physical, and aware of everything you might do and laugh about yourself.

Look and Feel
Look and feel

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